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Some of the studio features......

Main Floor - no stairs to climb
Free Parking!
Huge shooting room and washroom
(people thought that our old wash room was big - you have to see the new one)
100% light control for digital previews and for print viewing - No windows
HUGE printing department with a much better work flow
A much more secure building!!

As well the new building is handicap accessible (one of the few studios in Lethbridge that is)

We have been making portraits and capturing memories since 1985, our portrait studio has grown over the years from a small second floor location to our present location that not only has the portrait studio but it also has our classroom, printing division and a lot more.  

The hardest part about dealing with us is actually finding us.  We work out of the "bunker", an amazing spot directly behind Ferguson Paint located at 1263c 2 Ave South in Lethbridge, we are on the westside of the building.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer, portrait or commercial photography we can help.  Give us a call to check our schedule and we can set up a no obligation appointment so you can meet us and see the location. Before booking any Lethbridge photographer give us a call.

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Our studio is open by appointment only, please call ahead for your appointment.

403 - 327 - 1114

A Lethbridge Photographer that will make you look GREAT!

Company   ·   Lethbridge Location   ·   Our Hours   ·   Contact  Us   ·   Question & Answers