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Digital Printing

Having a great idea or a great ad does no good if you do not have a printed copy to show your clients,
or even worse if the printed copy is of poor quality.

At  Paterson Photography we have taken care of that for you.
We have invested in a state of the art printer to get you fantastic posters or collector prints that look great.

With over 23 years of traditional photographic printing experience, Paterson Photography has moved into digital printing with the newest state of the art printers available to the print industry.

Used by some of the top print houses, museums and collectors, our printers are designed to give you the best image available on an assortment of media.  From traditional luster photo paper, fine art paper or top of the line canvas paper we offer printing to meet your requirements.

We can print the way up to 44"x100" prints including banners.

Find out why we print for companies all over western Canada.

Give us a call today (403) 327 - 1114.

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