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Paterson Photography is the first choice when it comes to having commercial photographs. Whether you need portraits for advertising, web site, or business cards we are able to help.

We offer studio or location and can provide prints or high resolution digital files, some the same day.

Many studios claim to be a commercial studio, but when it comes right down to it they have done very little commercial work and have no understanding of the needs of a commercial client.

At Paterson Photography we have been doing commercial photography since 1985.  Not only do we offer the photography but we can offer printing services, and much much more.

Retouching and enhancements to your images to make them look perfect.


Before you have any photography done, call us for a quote on your project.


We offer options that other photographers cannot touch:

1 - You may purchase original digital files in high, medium or low resolution

2 - We can FTP your files to any web address in the world, or put the proofs on our web site for same day viewing

5 - We can provide FULL retouching of your portraits so your products look the best

6 - We offer in house, next day,  printing of display posters up to 44" x 100"

7 - We offer commercial frames in as little as one hour