I get asked a lot of what prints are my favorite and I find it so hard to select just one or two.  BUT I will try to highlight some of my current favorites, it changes fast sometimes. I will give you a little info on why I like the print and some information about taking the image.  You may find that it is not always the image that is technically perfect that I like.
January 9, 2016

A cold bridge & frost

After a couple of days of fog & frost and some bone chilling weather the Oldman river has just about frozen over and what still remains is steaming away.
Well I decided to start with my most recent favorite print.  Shot less than a week ago I love this image and the way that it not only shows the bridge and the frost but the steam from the frozen river.  The sun was back lighting the image so some details are highlighted and some are in shadow and more of a silhouette.

The blown out part of the running river was left like that to add some "heat" to the image, without it the image is a lot flatter and does not have the contrast that I was looking for.

The image was shot with a Canon 70D and a Canon 24 - 70 F4L lens.

I used 100 ISO so that the grain would be kept to a minimum.  Shutter speed is 1/400 of a second and the aperture was at F13 to give a good depth of field - the exposure was taken from some of the snow on the river. The camera was handheld.

This is one of those shots that was not overly planned, I had an idea what I might find as I went here to shoot but as things change by the minute with the weather I was not 100% sure if this would be worth shooting or not.  It was so cold that I only spent a short time here before moving on.

I have printed this image on a semi matte paper with the pebble lamination and then framed it into one of my classic black frames.  It looks amazing and would fit well into just about any decor or room in your house or office.

October 2, 2015

POW in the evening storm

Spending a day in Waterton shooting the wildlife and as the sunset and the weather turned from sunny to a storm the lighting and the clouds worked to bring out the POW with a nice catch light.

The Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton (POW) has always frustrated me as a photographer.  It presents the photographer with two big issues, the first is the scale.  Sure it is a big hotel, but put it up against the backdrop of the mountains and the hotel is tiny.  Second is the lighting, the most interesting angle forces the photographer to shoot into the light and many times you end up with a dark hotel and bright background.  For many years I got shots that were okay but not what I wanted.  Then along came this shot.... I was out shooting wildlife when the lighting and the clouds changed for just a minute.  I grabbed a different lens from the one that I had been shooting with and moved a little to get the angle I wanted and I got a couple shots before the light changed and the clouds moved again taking away the amazing light from seconds before.  As quick as the amazing lighting started it ended but it was long enough to get me the picture that I feel shows off the POW the way it should be shot.

Canon 70D
Canon 70-200 F4L lens @ 94mm
100 ISO

The Print - I printed this image on a Semi matte paper and laminated it and it looks AMAZING!!!  Has so many vibrant colors and tones!!!
October 3, 2015

SEO - Short Eared Owl - Waterton

So many people are fair weather photographers and they miss out on the best pictures, this SEO was one of those images.

A couple days of shooting in Waterton is always a great way to spend a weekend and when the weather keeps changing it is even better.  The day before was sunny then changed to rain, snow and broken clouds.  When I woke up in the morning on Saturday the cooler night had brought a lot of snow to parts of the park and had just started to turn back into rain when I went out shooting at 7am. Heading down one of my favorite roads a couple owls took off ahead of me. After being in the park for over 30 years I had never seen owls in this part of the park and I was amazed.  The two flew off a ways ahead of me and after shooting them for a while I decided that I would move on to let them be.  As I left the area I found this guy sitting about 20 feet away from me. The deep colors of early morning are increased even more by the rain. I love the look of the rain and the owl, he had the look that I get after getting rained on when I am not wanting it. Again the "bad" weather helped to make this picture not only with the colors and the rain drops but with the low clouds I think the owls came to ground as they could not get back out to the prairies as it was so socked in. 

Canon 70D
Sigma 150 - 500 @ 500mm
1600 ISO

The Print - I printed this image on a luster media, the colors are rich and vibrant!