Writing On Stone Provincial Park

Writing on Stone can be a hot and dry place in the summer but winter is usually cold and dry, not this winter.  With all the crazy snow that we have gotten it looks more like a part of Alaska than southern Alberta.

Was heading down to camp for a couple days but the campground is not accessible as there is so much snow so just spend part of a day there.

Writing on Stone
Writing on Stone after the storm as the clouds break

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Yes I am guilty……

I have to say off the start that I am as guilty as anybody.  So what is it that I am guilty of?  Well I am guilty of the “Waterton syndrome”, the feelings or thoughts that the only place to go in southern Alberta is to Waterton.  That if you cannot get to Waterton that you should stay home.  Now I do LOVE Waterton, I love the mountains and the animals.  I love all the scenery from tiny flowers to huge waterfalls but when I am honest with myself I am doing a great disservice to the other places in Southern Alberta.

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Another gopher session

This Gopher is going to get a REAL shock.  His front door is located on the side of a huge dirt pile that they piled up last fall.  He has great views but the pile will only be there for a short time.

Gopher #2

A look back…..

Going a little crazy stuck inside in the strange weather that we have been having so am looking back over some pictures from the past year..

Red-necked grebe (Podiceps grisegena)
Red-necked grebe (Podiceps grisegena)

Canon 70D

Sigma 150-600 @ 360mm

What bird is that?????

Help to identify birds

If you have ever been out shooting with me you know my skills at bird identification is a little off. I know a few – Canada Geese, Robin, Crow and maybe a couple more but really that is it. This post is from 2015 and the program works AMAZING!!

Bird Shoot
Common Goldeneye, Lethbridge Alberta © Paterson Photography

I was sent this link by one of my clients to help identify bird species.  I gave it a try and was very impressed!!  It did miss a couple different birds, but I’m not sure if it was the type of photo I was trying to use or if the birds are not in the database yet. I was able to identify several different birds that I had photographed over the past couple months.  I thought I knew what they were and this programmed confirmed my suspicions on one, and corrected me on the other.

Bird ID

Give it a try and let me know what you think?