Writing On Stone Provincial Park

Writing on Stone can be a hot and dry place in the summer but winter is usually cold and dry, not this winter.  With all the crazy snow that we have gotten it looks more like a part of Alaska than southern Alberta.

Was heading down to camp for a couple days but the campground is not accessible as there is so much snow so just spend part of a day there.

Writing on Stone
Writing on Stone after the storm as the clouds break

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Strange things customers have said…..

To help break up winter lets looks at some strange things that happen in the photography world! If you know me you will know one of my sayings is ‘There are no stupid questions” but sometimes people say things that cannot be explained as being anything other than really strange.  A couple weeks ago another photographer stopped in and we got discussing some of the strange things that people have said over the years. Seeing that it is so cold outside here are a few laughs to warm you up….

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Breaking up the white and gray

I love Pheasants for the fact that in the winter they are so colorful in the drab winter colors. I miss my spring birds, their calls and the colors 🙁

Pheasant, Pavan Park Lethbridge
Pheasant, Pavan Park Lethbridge

Flash Back Friday….. #11

Well there is one more camera that is keeping me company as I type this.  Yes the 70D’s still are my work horses for so much but late last year I picked up a Canon 5D Mark IV.  Why? Who knows 😉

I wanted a full frame camera for a lot of reasons and I said if the 5 came out with the right amount of pixels I would get one. Well it came out with what I thought was enough pixels and a good ISO range so I got one.  I do like it for many things, it is teamed up with my wide angle and smaller telephotos and I like what it can do for those lenses.

Am I going to continue to update? Not sure.  What comes out next is going to have to have a lot of updates over what I have now.  I am not currently interested in video so that will not move me to something new.  Will have to wait and see 🙂

The past 32 years have seen a number of cameras come and go at my studio, if I could do anything differently I would have liked to have more lenses.  The cameras at the time were what I needed to do the work that I was doing. When I look back the one thing that I see is that some of the work I did during the early days needed bigger lenses or faster lenses, it worked but it could have worked so much better with more and better glass!

Flash Back Friday….. #10

Well the 40D’s were very impressive, so much so that I still have one today.  I may sell it off someday but it is still doing what I want it for so I am happy to keep it around.

When Canon came out with the 50D I was not happy, nothing that I saw said this is worth upgrading to. When they came out with the 60D I was sad as it was in my opinion a step backwards.  So I stuck with the 40D’s.  Then Canon brought out the 70D and I could not help but switch.  There were so many updates that I was VERY happy.  Sold all the 40D’s but one.  Bought a bunch of 70D’s and was very happy.

AS I type this I am surrounded my 70D’s.  One is dedicated to my 150-600 lens and does a great job.  They all have the extended grip and dual batteries.  I can say that at this time I do not see an update happening with what is on the market.