Waterton Classes

Just found out that the last class till August in Waterton with openings is the May 30 & 31 class.  Don’t miss out on a great class, get some practical training on your camera before summer vacation on this mini vacation in Waterton.

Waterton Class May 30 or 31 or both

May 30 &  31 Waterton Photography Class

May 30 – learn about your camera and some mini hikes.      May 31 – waterfall photography.

Come and enjoy Waterton in the spring!

Day 1 – learn about your camera and take some great pictures on a mini photo safari!

Day 2 – Waterfall Photography – explore some great waterfalls in Waterton (yes there are more than Cameron Falls)

Each day is $95.00 – you get the course and a 16×24 professionally printed portrait.   Take one day or both.

For more information click here

Jesse's Falls

TV & Papers

Several people have mentioned that they had seen some of our pictures on TV as well as in the Lethbridge Herald and the Calgary Sun.   Yes they were our pictures.  The story was about a plane crash south of Lethbridge on Sunday May 17.  They appeared on the front page of  The Calgary Sun and The Lethbridge Herald. As well as on Global TV and on the Lounge’s web site in Lethbridge.

Web Site Update

Well over the past couple of weeks our web site has gone through a major rebuild.  At this time almost all the work has been in the background, with the exception of our new home page and the addition of a new viewing gallery.  Over the next couple of weeks things will continue to be cleaned up and updated.  If you are on the site and have a problem with a page let me know.  In most cases things will be done quickly and no disruption of service will happen but just in case something gets missed we like to know.

Krystal & Randy

Well our first Waterton wedding of the year turned out great.  Krystal & Randy had some great weather, some light wind but other than that a GREAT day.  It was a pleasure recording your special day.  Here are a couple images to show off the lovely couple.

Night Shot

Well I have been trying to get out at night for some time but with the weather being so cold I have been hiding inside.  Last night was a great time to get out, that and the fact that I have been asked to do a workshop on night photography and needed to get some of the course written,  so out I went.  The weather was great, no wind and a good sunset made for some fantastic images.

Here are a couple of the images from last night.

The Galt Sign
Galt Sign & Whoop Up Drive
Galt Sign & Whoop Up Drive
New Galt Addition
New Galt Addition

Mother’s Day

If you have not gone out and bought Mom a present yet DON”T FORGET.

If you need some ideas we have gift certificates for family portraits or one of our photo sessions or photo restoration services to restore your old photos.

Travel, Travel and More Travel

It seems like all I have been doing in the past month is traveling.  Have been to Calgary several times (in fact just got back from a quick trip to Calgary), Red Deer and Edmonton and all around southern Alberta.  Most of the trips have been teaching, commercial sessions (no pictures that I can show) or working on marketing programs for several clients, but hopefully now with the weather looking better I can get out and do some of the shoots I have been waiting for.  I have several shoots lined up that are waiting for the warm weather and leaves on the trees, hopefully soon.

One good thing about the trips is that we get to hit some cool restaurants, today it was a stop at Peter’s Drive In in Calgary for lunch and it was perfect weather for it!  If you have not tried Peter’s you have to stop there next time you are in Calgary you will not regret it!

Sunset Shoot

Well I don’t know if it is a case of cabin fever or I just need to shoot something but tonight I went for a walk to see what birds are around after the snow.  I saw a flock of Pelicans circling overhead earlier today but did not have any time to follow so I thought that just maybe they would be bedding down on the lake, no luck with the Pelicans but I did get some geese to cooperate.

Here are a few from tonight…

Take off - the nights last flight
You get back home NOW
Coming home for the night
Coming home for the night

I could not resist to add this one;

FULL stop
FULL stop