Sunset Shoot

Well I don’t know if it is a case of cabin fever or I just need to shoot something but tonight I went for a walk to see what birds are around after the snow.  I saw a flock of Pelicans circling overhead earlier today but did not have any time to follow so I thought that just maybe they would be bedding down on the lake, no luck with the Pelicans but I did get some geese to cooperate.

Here are a few from tonight…

Take off - the nights last flight
You get back home NOW
Coming home for the night
Coming home for the night

I could not resist to add this one;

FULL stop
FULL stop

New Web Site

If you have been to our web site lately you will see that some of it is a little old looking.  Over the next two months we will be updating almost all the 200 pages.  Some changes you will not actually see as we reorganize the layout for faster upgrades, some changes will make us COOLER looking.  Stay tuned for the official launch in June.

Paige & Brett Engagement Session

Saturday was a busy day, but a fun one.  Started out teaching, finished with photographing a large banquet. In between had a chance to do engagement pictures for Paige & Brett in the afternoon as they just arrived in Lethbridge earlier in the day from their home in BC.  It was a fun time and the pictures look great.  Enjoy your short visit in Lethbridge.

River Valley Photo Course

Wanted to grab a picture from the photocourse that I taught on Saturday to Dale and Michelle.  It was a great time starting at the studio for some Q&A then to the river bottom for some pictures and a short hike.  Was a great day, weather was perfect and we got some good pictures as well.

Have a great time on your trips, look forward to seeing the pictures when you get back.

Waterton May 2 & 3

May 2 & 3 Waterton Photography Class

Well I was going to repost the information about this class but it is full so I will just let everyone know that I am offering another set of Waterton classes on May 30 & 31.  May 30 – learn about your camera and some mini hikes. May 31 – waterfall photography.

Will have an update on our web site very soon if all goes well.

Come and enjoy Waterton in the spring!

Day 1 – learn about your camera and take some great pictures on a mini photo safari!

Day 2 – Waterfall Photography – explore some great waterfalls in Waterton (yes there are more than Cameron Falls)

Lethbridge Camera Club Judging

I am cleaning up another test site so I thought that I would bring in some information that I had posted on those pages to get this blog running.

April 17, 2009

Was invited to be a judge for the Lethbridge Camera Club yesterday.  Never knew what the theme was till I got there, or who the other judges were.  Turned out to be David Rossitier from the Herald and Rob Olsen from Dejourden’s.  Had a good time looking at some great efforts in a contest that had the theme “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

The photographers had to use either one or all of the theme in the pictures.  Some great efforts were made, nice to see photography growing in Lethbridge.

March 14 Waterton Workshop

I am cleaning up another test site so I thought that I would bring in some information that I had posted on those pages to get this blog running.

March 14, 2009

WOW what a COLD Waterton workshop this weekend.  The weather was actually very warm but the wind was crazy.  That never stopped us from having a great time.  I cannot believe how much snow is on the ground and the fact that all the lakes are completely frozen.   I have never seen so much snow drifting around Waterton. We went up to the winter parking lot at Cameron and got some great pictures of the birds.  Next workshop is in early May, hopefully the weather is a little warmer then.

March Photo Contest Winner

To get our new blog running I will be bringing some posts from our test blogs to get things rolling, plus it allows me to try out all the cool features here!

Congratulations to Dallas for winning our March Photo contest, way to go!

Waterton Courses

We are now officially licensed to operate in Waterton!!  This year we will be offering a number of courses in Waterton from one day fun classes to more in-depth weekend classes.

Book early, space is limited and fills up fast!