Flash Back Friday….. #11

Well there is one more camera that is keeping me company as I type this.  Yes the 70D’s still are my work horses for so much but late last year I picked up a Canon 5D Mark IV.  Why? Who knows 😉

I wanted a full frame camera for a lot of reasons and I said if the 5 came out with the right amount of pixels I would get one. Well it came out with what I thought was enough pixels and a good ISO range so I got one.  I do like it for many things, it is teamed up with my wide angle and smaller telephotos and I like what it can do for those lenses.

Am I going to continue to update? Not sure.  What comes out next is going to have to have a lot of updates over what I have now.  I am not currently interested in video so that will not move me to something new.  Will have to wait and see 🙂

The past 32 years have seen a number of cameras come and go at my studio, if I could do anything differently I would have liked to have more lenses.  The cameras at the time were what I needed to do the work that I was doing. When I look back the one thing that I see is that some of the work I did during the early days needed bigger lenses or faster lenses, it worked but it could have worked so much better with more and better glass!

Flash Back Friday….. #10

Well the 40D’s were very impressive, so much so that I still have one today.  I may sell it off someday but it is still doing what I want it for so I am happy to keep it around.

When Canon came out with the 50D I was not happy, nothing that I saw said this is worth upgrading to. When they came out with the 60D I was sad as it was in my opinion a step backwards.  So I stuck with the 40D’s.  Then Canon brought out the 70D and I could not help but switch.  There were so many updates that I was VERY happy.  Sold all the 40D’s but one.  Bought a bunch of 70D’s and was very happy.

AS I type this I am surrounded my 70D’s.  One is dedicated to my 150-600 lens and does a great job.  They all have the extended grip and dual batteries.  I can say that at this time I do not see an update happening with what is on the market.

Flash Back Friday….. #9

The Canon 20D was a good camera, it was an improvement on the Fuji S1 & S2 and I was happy. Well I was happy for a while, Canon came out with the 30D and I saw a few benefits but overall I was not impressed enough to upgrade.  I wanted to switch to one of Canon’s more advanced cameras but I was having a hard time justifying the expense so I held on to the 20D.

Then came the 40D!!!!!  Honestly this was the first digital camera that I thought was worth the money.  Quality was really good, the camera was built like it was made by a photographer and I was happy to switch.  This was also the first switch that I was so impressed that I sold off EVERYTHING else and bought several 40D’s so all my cameras were the same. I also finally sold off my Pentax 645 that I could not bring myself to sell off before this.  This marked the cutting of my final ties to film

If digital photography would have stopped at this point I would have been a happy camper… sorry photographer 🙂

I just cannot get caught up……. HELP!!!

This is something I hear from many photographers and it is usually related to dealing with all the digital files that are on a camera card.  It seems like these things multiply like rabbits, you go out to shoot a few pictures today a few tomorrow and a few the next day then when you have a minute you sit down at the computer and WOW are there a lot of files.

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Web Sites

As many of you know I design web sites mainly for myself and a few clients that have become friends, but doing this has given me the chance to see the bad side of web design and hosting!  Just in the past couple of weeks I have been contacted by people that have had huge issues with their web sites so I thought that I would do a post about what to watch out for so you do not get stuck or worse….. (PS – no I will not design your site for you either as a friend or a client, I have enough on my plate)

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Flash Back Friday….. #8

I really loved the Fuji digital cameras and would still be with them today but the delay in getting them on the market was starting to affect me.  Other photographers were starting to go digital and I was starting to fall behind.  I waited as long as I could and finally could not wait any longer.  I had looked at and tested everything on the market and could not see myself staying with the Nikon lens mount as at that time they were behind in the digital department. My choice was Kodak or Canon, and the Kodak was priced way too high for me (at the time I think they were around $40,000 for an outdated body and they were not looking like they would be around much longer).

I moved to Canon. There were a lot of reasons to move and it was easy to go back to Canon but at the same time it was frustrating.  I had some auto focus lenses for Canon but of all the lenses that I had only one worked with the Canon digital.  My older Canon flashes would not work at all, they had worked fine on the Fuji cameras (well they worked 🙂 ) but nothing on the Canon.  My first Canon was the Canon 20D.  The colors were not as good as the Fuji’s but the quality overall  was so much better with more megapixels.

Flash Back Friday….. #7

Well like I said when I started going digital it was not a slow process but it was a huge jump. Most people know nothing about the Fuji S1 Pro but I have to say it was AMAZING!!!  Built with a Nikon body and using Nikon lenses it was a change for me from the Canon AE-1 being a new camera manufacturer and took some getting use to but the quality was better than anything on the market for digital – amazing skin tones and colors.

I liked the S1 so much that I bought a S2 as soon as they came out.  The S2 was a lot better than the S1 and the improved quality was so nice that it ended any thought of ever going back to film.  I loved Fuji and would still be shooting Fuji today but they were buying their camera bodies from Nikon and Nikon was getting hard to deal with and would not release a newer body for Fuji to build on. The S3 was delayed again and again and I really wanted a more advanced camera with more megapixels.