Flash Back Friday….. #6

Well like I said before sometimes your dreams do not work out like you would want them to, for me what happened was even better than I could dream.  I picked up a digital camera on a trip to Calgary to give it a try.  It was a Fuji S1 Pro and it was actually my second digital camera. I was given an earlier digital camera that I sold as I was not impressed with the early digital quality, the lack of printers and the lack of good editing programs. I had just received what I thought was my dream camera system the Pentax 645N and had only shot a test roll with it before I bought the digital.

Well on my way back from Calgary with the S1 Pro I got a call from a new client that wanted a shoot done that day and it had to be with a digital camera.  I arrived back to Lethbridge and set-up the digital and that was the beginning of the end of film in my studio.

I can honestly say that it was not easy sailing to get into digital but it was something that I took as a challenge and did enjoy the new technology.  The first day with digital I did learn a valuable lesson. When I got back to the studio the new client was waiting and was in a BIG hurry.  They knew that I was going to have to set-up the camera but still were in a rush. Got everything going and started the pictures.  When I went to look at the images I took they were not there, I had forgotten something minor like the camera card – was not a good start but it was a start! Like the saying goes “A journey of a thousand steps starts with one step”, I had taken the first step!

Foot Note: My Pentax camera only shot two or three weddings as when I got the digital I went digital with everything a couple of weeks later.  To this day it breaks my heart to not have used it but I can honestly say that I liked digital so much that to use the 645 was going back and not forward in my eyes.

Flash Back Friday….. #5

My DREAM camera!!!!

After years with the A2E and the Bronica I was at a conference were Pentax and Fuji had booths.  I had been looking at the Pentax 645N camera with a zoom lens for years and years – it was my dream camera system.  The Pentax rep knew me and when I was talking to him about the camera he went and got one with the lens I wanted and gave it to me, so I headed to the Fuji film booth who also knew me and they gave me a couple rolls of film to try so I headed out and try them.  I was sold and I ordered it that day!!!

Sometimes your dreams do not work out like you think and this was one of those dreams.  After waiting for the camera to arrive for almost three weeks it arrived the same week I “tried” out a digital camera, well the rest is history!!

Flash Back Friday….. #4

The Canon  AE-1 was a great camera and I loved it but some new technology was coming out and that was auto focus.  I saw a Canon A2E at a trade show and was sold so I picked up the A2E and started adding some auto focus lenses. I also bought a Bronica 645 camera system.  Bought it as much for the camera as the story behind it.  The guy I bought it from was an older guy that was an engineer and used the camera around the world.  Was in Egypt, Panama, so on and so on.

Was a great little camera for playing with but I was never comfortable doing weddings with it as it was older and I was never 100% sure that it would work.  Took a lot to get use to the interchangeable backs and loading them ahead of time and then switching out when you needed to.  The print quality from the larger 645 negative was amazing.  Only problem was that I had a lab set-up for 35mm negs and could do my own developing and printing from 35mm but with the 120/220 film I had to send it away and the turnaround time was a killer.

Flash Back Friday….. #3

After the Kodak and the Minolta I found a nice Canon AE-1 camera that someone was selling that they hardly used.  One thing that was so cool back in the days of film was that a camera body would never become obsolete.  Yes they would break but that was all that would happen.  In fact I knew many people that would buy older bodies at really cheap prices and use them till they died, then toss them and they were taking amazing photos with them.  The AE-1 was a camera that lasted and lasted and worked as good when I sold it as it did when I bought it.  I remember having AE-1’s for years and years and I must have bought other bodies but never remember moving from there.  I did try a lot of other cameras as I got loaned many new ones to test but always went back to the AE-1.

If there is one thing that I am disappointed about in this time it is that I did not spend the money on some awesome glass!  If there was one thing that caused me to struggle it was not having the lenses that I needed for different jobs. If I could go back and do it again I would buy some big glass!

Yes I am guilty……

I have to say off the start that I am as guilty as anybody.  So what is it that I am guilty of?  Well I am guilty of the “Waterton syndrome”, the feelings or thoughts that the only place to go in southern Alberta is to Waterton.  That if you cannot get to Waterton that you should stay home.  Now I do LOVE Waterton, I love the mountains and the animals.  I love all the scenery from tiny flowers to huge waterfalls but when I am honest with myself I am doing a great disservice to the other places in Southern Alberta.

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Computer safety

I am often asked what I do to keep my computers safe from viruses, ransomware and spyware.  Well I can honestly say that I do not do a lot of crazy things like running special firewalls or some intense CIA made software. I do a lot of little things like keep my virus programs up-to-date and make sure they are run on a regular bases (weekly – NOT yearly), keep other programs up-to-date and I am careful when surfing the web.

BUT the big thing that I do is that I DO NOT click on links that people send me.  E-mails like “Mike you need to see this” are deleted as soon as they arrive, or “You will laugh so hard when you see this” find the garbage as soon as I see the E-mail.  Now you may think I am being harsh not to look as I know these people but E-mails from people that you know are the easiest way to spread something. Some people say they only open links sent by texts or by Facebook messenger, but I do not even do this as they can be as dangerous in my mind as the Emails.

Honestly there are only so many crazy cat pictures, funny jokes, amazing pictures of this or that or ways to make money that I need to see. Sure I may be anti social but I would rather have time to do other things than to remove viruses from my computers.

Will my paranoia keep me safe? I hope so but I cannot say for sure.  I have also backed up my files to other drives and computers and I print more important items  so I have them.

So the next time you get an E-mail from your golfing buddy think is it really worth the risk to open it, or is it better to delete it?????