Flash Back Friday….. #7

Well like I said when I started going digital it was not a slow process but it was a huge jump. Most people know nothing about the Fuji S1 Pro but I have to say it was AMAZING!!!  Built with a Nikon body and using Nikon lenses it was a change for me from the Canon AE-1 being a new camera manufacturer and took some getting use to but the quality was better than anything on the market for digital – amazing skin tones and colors.

I liked the S1 so much that I bought a S2 as soon as they came out.  The S2 was a lot better than the S1 and the improved quality was so nice that it ended any thought of ever going back to film.  I loved Fuji and would still be shooting Fuji today but they were buying their camera bodies from Nikon and Nikon was getting hard to deal with and would not release a newer body for Fuji to build on. The S3 was delayed again and again and I really wanted a more advanced camera with more megapixels.

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