A trip to Waterton – White Turtle III

Side Tracked

So I thought that I would head out to Waterton yesterday (March 31, 2018) to get some pictures.   On the way there I made a detour to Police lake area to see what was out and about.  WELL there was a lot of snow out and about 🙂 . The main highways were good but the other roads were really covered and as I was getting closer to Police Lake the amount of snow on the roads got a lot deeper.  The best thing about it was that there was hardly anybody on the road except for a few farmers feeding cattle.

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Writing On Stone Provincial Park

Writing on Stone can be a hot and dry place in the summer but winter is usually cold and dry, not this winter.  With all the crazy snow that we have gotten it looks more like a part of Alaska than southern Alberta.

Was heading down to camp for a couple days but the campground is not accessible as there is so much snow so just spend part of a day there.

Writing on Stone
Writing on Stone after the storm as the clouds break

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Photo Courses, Workshop, Photo Tours, Photo Expeditions, Photo Safaris

Getting that amazing shot
Secrets to getting that amazing shot

Photo Courses, Workshop, Photo Tours, Photo Expeditions, Photo Safaris

So before I start let me say I think EVERYONE should take a Course, Tour, Expedition or Safari from me – because I am such a nice guy But what if you want to go someplace that I do not go and you want to hire someone to help with your photography, what should you look for?

First what is the difference in the above terms (unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule for what the terms mean) but here is what I generally find:

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My favorite pictures from 2017

As usual I have a lot of pictures that I love from the past year but the following three are at the top of my list. Why?  I have no idea other than the amazing colors and my love for photography of old things.  The Bar U ranch is also a place that offers a lot of photo opportunities and few people to interfere with those opportunities.  I was there twice this year once was not good as the smoke covered the area making everything dull and grey.  The second time I was not planning on going but was passing by and it was the last day of the season so we stopped.

Bar U Ranch The flag
Bar U ranch – The old truck
Bar U Ranch Harvest

Yes I am guilty……

I have to say off the start that I am as guilty as anybody.  So what is it that I am guilty of?  Well I am guilty of the “Waterton syndrome”, the feelings or thoughts that the only place to go in southern Alberta is to Waterton.  That if you cannot get to Waterton that you should stay home.  Now I do LOVE Waterton, I love the mountains and the animals.  I love all the scenery from tiny flowers to huge waterfalls but when I am honest with myself I am doing a great disservice to the other places in Southern Alberta.

Dinosaur Provincial Park
Dinosaur Provincial Park

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Waterton Lakes National Park

February 19, 2017

Waterton Lakes National Park

Was a cold, windy and snowy day but still great to get down to Waterton.  A lot of snow still around causing some issues with pulling off the road.  No animals around other than the deer, I think the snow pack may have played a part in this, hard to move when the snow is so deep.

When I got down the clouds were moving in and within about 20 minutes the snow really started to come down.

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Thursday & Friday BC Photography Trip

Thursday April 16, 2015 & Friday April 17, 2015

Made it to Kamloops on Thursday and had a pile of work to do before I could head home on Friday.  Got everything done and was on the road by 7:30 Friday and did a direct run to Lethbridge and no pictures.  Hate it when I have to pass so much scenery and not take any pictures.  Oh well took close to 5000 images on this trip so not too bad!

Saturday April 11, 2015 BC Photography Trip

Saturday April 11, 2015

Woke up around 6:30 (time change messing with my internal clock) and did some editing of images.  Went back to sleep for a while and made the decision that I would spend another day here, not really a smart idea to head out for a new campsite on a Saturday any how.  One of my first ideas when thinking of this trip was to go whale watching and to visit Fisherman’s Warf, I wanted to see the Harbour Seals that I see on a web cam and to see what the area looks like in person. Well did manage to make it to the warf but very windy and cool and decided that the whale watching would have to wait till a warmer time.  Had a great fish lunch with the seals (mine was cooked theirs wasn’t) and got a few pictures. Wanted to stop at a grocery store but I have managed to miss 99% of the grocery stores on the Island and the ones that I do see it is too late to get to them as I drive past. Came back and did some housekeeping and worked at updating the blog and answering E-mails, I really want a vacuum to vacuum the carpet may have to stop at Canadian Tire and get a small one.

Thursday April 9 2015 – Morning BC Photography Trip

Thursday April 9 2015 – Morning

A good nights sleep and a good breakfast before I hit the road makes for a happy Mike.  Only had to go 120kms today and did not have to be there till 4 to have supper with my daughter so I could take it easy today.  Not really warm when I got up but was warming up fast.  Got on the road early and within a couple minutes saw some train tunnels that I had to photograph.  Only problem was that there were a lot of train people working on the tracks so no trains would be coming through for a while.  Oh well, got a picture of a tunnel without the train anyways.

Then the next spot that I see is the place where the last spike was hammered in joining the rail lines across Canada so another stop was in order.

Okay enough train related things (yes I have a train addiction but most times it is under control) and on to something more important ICE CREAM!!!  If you are ever driving through BC and you find yourself in a town called Sicamous there is a dairy there called D Dutch Dairy and they have amazing ice cream, cheese and milk products.  So a quick stop there to get a small cone and a lot of cheese and it is time for some serious shooting.  Off to do some wildlife pictures.