Spring is coming!!!!

I was out walking the dog yesterday and could not believe how hot the sun was. A good sign that spring is coming and with spring the birds. I love the spring birds as they are in good health and their colors are starting to enhance so what better time for a bird course.

This year I have added a full day with (6 hours) of shooting.

Bird Photography
Bird Courses

Photo Courses, Workshop, Photo Tours, Photo Expeditions, Photo Safaris

Getting that amazing shot
Secrets to getting that amazing shot

Photo Courses, Workshop, Photo Tours, Photo Expeditions, Photo Safaris

So before I start let me say I think EVERYONE should take a Course, Tour, Expedition or Safari from me – because I am such a nice guy But what if you want to go someplace that I do not go and you want to hire someone to help with your photography, what should you look for?

First what is the difference in the above terms (unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule for what the terms mean) but here is what I generally find:

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Mike Paterson Professional Master Photographer

Several weeks ago I had a discussion with a photographer about getting a designation with a national photography organization, then two weeks ago another photographer came in asking almost the same thing and again last week another photographer asked how to get a designation like Professional or Master Photographer.  I thought this was funny then today while reading a news feed I see a photographer using the designation of Master Photographer so I did some research on what does all this mean – names like Professional or Master when it comes to photography.

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So you want to buy my studio???

This is a continuation from my post about quitting photography without putting in the effort to even get started in the business.

It is a shock to me when I have someone that is a stranger walk in and ask to buy my studio.  Over the years many people have wanted to buy it and one got to the point that he was ready to put money down.  The conversation is usually something like….

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One big question

I still get the one big question from people that I meet, and it is the question that got me started into teaching. No it is not “How much money do you make?” or “Why are you a photographer?”. It is “If you could tell me one thing to improve my photography what would it be?” Wow what a question and not an easy one to answer. But if I have to narrow it down to one thing it would be “Get to know your camera, whatever make or type that you have, COMPLETELY!” Learn the menus, functions, features and how to adjust these without having to think about it. Once you do that you will not be stuck trying to figure out how to adjust or set your camera when you should be taking a picture. Once you do that you will be able to make adjustments on the fly without having a nervous breakdown and once you know how to do that you will get better pictures.

I hear from so many people “If only I knew I could adjust that” or “You can do that with this camera”. Don’t waste your money on new accessories till you are comfortable with the ones that you have and that starts with the camera itself.

Lesson: Take a few minutes with your camera to figure out what all the settings are. Read the manual. If you still are confused come in for a one on one course, I won’t tell anyone that you were confused 🙂

A little teaser on the 2015 courses

The dates below are for the winter / spring calendar of my 2015 courses.
More information to follow as things are confirmed.
January 2015 

15th – Looking after your digital files
17th – A day in the park
24th – Adobe Photoshop / Elements
29th – Ladies Night

February 2015 

February 5th – Painting with light
February 25th – Photo Printing (Part 1)
February 28th – Studio Photography

March 2015 

March 4th – Photo Printing (Part 2)
March 11th – The Works (Part 1)
March 12th – Photography Business
March 18th – The Works (Part 2)
March 20th – Astro Photography
March 26th – Photo Restorations
March 28th – The Works (Part 3)

April 2015 

April 1st – The Works (Part 4)
April 16th – DSLR 1
April 18th – The Works (Part 1)
April 24, 25, 26 – Waterton 3 day
April 30th – Ladies Night

May 2015 

May 1st – Full Moon Photography
May 2nd – The Works (Part 2)
May 9th – The Works (Part 3)
May 14th – DSLR 2
May 23rd – The works (Part 4)

June 2015 

June 6th – Waterton
June 11th – Ladies Night